Random Runner Slot

random runner slotRandom Runner Slot

The Random Runner Slot is a 3-reeled video slot offering wins for all matching symbols on the middle reel!


The bonus on the Random Runner Slot offers a designated gaming area where – instead of 3 reels – you will enjoy 5 reels with a larger bet to acquire greater winnings! Whenever you strike a win in the normal mode – you decide how much you wish to transfer to play on the bonus slot with the aforementioned 5 reels!

RTP (Return to player)

The Return to player rate of the Random Runner Slot Machine is at a fixed rate of 95.00%.

How the game plays out

Your winnings are retrieved from the middle reel – however with the crown symbol – you will be able to win from all of the 5 designated paylines. This increases your winning chances – but as the bet is bigger – you take a greater risk! We recommend that you wait until you have stacked up enough credits to have a go at multiple consecutive spins on the bonus slot – improving your chances of winning something big!

The symbols in the slot machine is of a fruit theme providing you with symbols such as Water Melons, Grapes, Oranges, Strawberries, Blueberries, Sevens, Bells and Lemons! A classical theme in other words!

You can also choose to keep all or some of the symbols from your previous spin that didn’t result in a win –

Where can I play the Random Runner slot?

From the listed casinos at our website – the only casino offering you the chance to play the Random Runner Slot is Quasar Casino. If you wish to play the Random Runner Slot – make sure you register at the aforementioned casino which will have a huge collection of other slot machines to choose from as well!

Our experience playing the Random Runner Slot

We find ourselves playing as if we were in a old shady pizzeria playing a real physical slot machine – the feeling is really authentic and when we’ve gathered enough credits we hit the bonus game to score even bigger wins! The slot reminds me of similar slots but with the added benefit of being extra easy to reach the bonus slot machine with won credits!

Why play the Random Runner Slot?

The reason for playing this epicly classic slot machine is simply because of the potential to score absolutely stunning winnings through the bonus slot machine! You also have the possibility to not make the super-sized bets and instead stick around on the normal slot to gather your winnings!

More than that you will see a real slot machine and not just reels – as you play you have the real slot machine in front of you making the experience even more authentic!


The visuals of the slot machine is appealing at the same time as being classical in its design. You see the symbols just falling down on the reels making bleeping sounds and a blinking screen to accompany it whenever you strike a win! The outline of the slot gives you the whole slot machine in a single picture – meaning you are not playing the reels but actually clicking on the buttons on the actual slot machine itself while playing! This gives you a more realistic experience when playing the slot machine – mixing both the experience of online as well as real life gambling!

Every win feels like a build up until you decide to take a leap of faith to the bonus slot where the winnings are bigger and plentier!


The slot machine Random Runner will grant you a pleasant experience – giving you the feeling of sitting in a little smoky lounge clicking away at a slot machine in the hopes of hitting it big! The tactical aspect of the slot machine is very interesting as it differs from slot machines such as Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Stickers and such in the way that you can choose when and more importantly if you wish to proceed to the big game bonus slot.

We recommend anyone looking for an vitalizing experience to play the Random Runner Slot – it is one of the better out there and will grant you the possibility to steer your game play in the right direction trying to be profitable! Playing the Random Runner Slot will grant you the possibility to take control over your destiny and calculate the best way to become profitable at the end of the game session – therefore we recommend this to any casino enthusiast ready to be profitable for a nights gambling!

Try it out today at Quasar Casino and retrieve your 100% bonus up to 200€ on your first deposit!

You will not regret it – see you inside and we might even hit the spin button at the same time! Who knows!

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