Roaring Forties Slot

roaring-fortiesRoaring Forties Slot

The Roaring Forties Slot included symbols such as water melons, cherries, stars, wilds,  oranges, grapes, bells and sevens! The theme is very classic but with a touch of modernities with the improved graphics and flashy wilds appearing on the wheels!


The visuals of the reels are old school but still with a stint of modernities – it is not as classic as some machines but definitely not as modern as the new ones! You can choose if you wish to close off the sound or to hear the satisfying tingling sound when the reels spins – and the best feature of the slot machine are of course the wilds!


The wilds are the greatest addition to this slot machine – instead of the standard old school slot machines where you only have standard symbols to match – this one will offer you entire wheels of wilds (sometimes) to score easier and bigger winnings! In combination with the very appealing graphics this makes for a truly profitable slot machine where you will be able to score huge winnings several times in a row with just a few wilds appearing on the reels!

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature is a great addition to the slot – after each consecutive win you are able to hit the “Gamble” button where you are asked to guess if the card – turned around – will appear as Red or Black. If you choose the right colour you double up – the wrong colour and you lose your win. You can guess several times in a row if you strike a win – making it able to quadruple your winnings quite easily with a 50% chance of doubling up your current standings every time you gamble!

Where can I play the Roaring Forties Slot?

From the casinos listed at our website – the following will offer you the possibility to play the Roaring Forties Slot:

    1. Energy Casino
    2. Casino Fantasia
    3. Quasar Casino

All of the casinos above will offer you a 100% Welcome Bonus with Quasar Casino offering you 100% up to a magnifying €200!


The scatter symbols are active at any position on the reels – strike 3 or more to win a multiplier of your bet right off the bat!

How the game plays out

As you spin – either manually or automatically – the symbols will appear on their respective reels giving you either a win of matching symbols or no win at all! After each win that you score you have the possibility to hit the “Gamble” button where you will guess if the card will be either Red or Black upon turn-up – choose the right colour and you double up – the wrong colour and you lose!

To score a win you will have to match at least three symbols on a reel each beginning from left to right – except for the Lucky Sevens which only needs two matching symbols on a reel each to award you with a win!

Our experience playing the Roaring Forties Slot

As we spin the reels we find ourselves optimistically mesmerized by the reels of Wilds – especially when they appear on the first two reels promising us a super-sized win! If we are currently winning – we only Gamble the smaller wins! However – when things have been going sour for a while – we Gamble even the bigger wins to be able double up and leave profitable! This is the greatness of older styled slot machines with the Gamble Feature – you will be able to be profitable even when you should not according to the outcome of the symbols of the reels! A magnetic feature indeed!

In regards to the Gamble Feature – we have a greater sense of control over the outcome of our Gaming Session in comparison to the newer slot machines where you are entirely dependent upon the outcome of eventual bonus games – if you score any bonuses at all! Here – we can instead choose whether or not we wish to double up our winnings to go from breaking even to being at a profit – or from being at a small profit to be at a bigger profit with a 50% chance of doing so! Fantastic!


The Roaring Forties Slot is one of the best ones out there when it comes to classical themed slot machines! Apart from the amazing graphics for an old school themed slot machine – it offers great payouts and huge potential thanks to the Wilds and the Gamble Feature. Furthermore – the slot machine is more enjoyable than same era themed slot machines since the graphics are inviting – fun and vibrant instead of old and boring!

Register today at any of the casinos listed above offering you the chance to play at the Roaring Forties Slot Machine – granting you bonuses of 100% as a Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. This will grant you a bigger possibility to be profitable and to earn money on your first gaming session with the Roaring Slot Machine! Good luck!

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