Sizzling Hot Slot

sizzlinghotSizzling Hot Slot

The Sizzling Hot Slot is a 5-reel 9-payline video slot with a common fruit theme. The symbols include fruits such as Lemons, Oranges, Water Melons, Grapes and Cherries as well as a simple 7-symbol and a Yellow Star.

RTP (Return to player)

The Return to player rate of the slot machine Sizzling Hot is at a fixed rate of 95.66%.

How the game plays out

The aim of the slot machine Sizzling Hot is to match 2-5 matching symbols to acquire a winning! Most of the symbols require at least 3 matching symbols to retrieve you a win – however two cherries is enough to be a winning combination!


The bonus of the Sizzling Hot Slot Machine appears – granting you a bonus payment based on your bet – whenever three golden stars appear on the reels. Unlike the rest of the symbols – these golden stars does not have to be adjacent on the reels to give you the bonus payment! Great!

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature will allow you to be able to double your winnings on any win you score during your game play on the Sizzling Hot Slot Machine! You will be able to choose either Red or Black Card on the card shown in the middle – as you have made your choice the card is turned around and if you chose the right colour you win – the wrong colour and you loose! Even if you strike a win choosing the right colour you are still able to guess on the next card – and the next one after that! This means that an average win can become humongous if you manage to pick the right colour just even a few times! Great feature indeed!


The Visuals of the Sizzling Hot Slot Machine is very old school and with a fruit theme – making it a colourful nostalgic slot with a bit of a streak of a US-theme with the golden stars as scatters! It is however – not a US themed slot – but the golden stars looks like something on an airplane during the second world war! Jokes aside – the slot machine is a very entertaining one where you constantly look for a winning combination so that you can hit the gamble feature and double up your winnings!

Where can I play the Sizzling Hot Slot?

From the caisnos listed at our website – the following will offer you the possibility to play the Sizzling Hot Slot Machine:

  1. Energy Casino
  2. Stargames Casino
  3. Casino Fantasia
  4. Quasar Casino

Choose any of the above listed casinos to play your first round on the Sizzling Hot Slot! Good luck!

Our Experience of the Sizzling Hot Slot

As we play the Sizzling Hot Slot we find ourselves sitting for hours with the funds going up and down – however with the great opportunities of the Gamble feature we are able to prolong the action and actually stand at a plus almost whenever we want! As soon as we feel like the losses has been too many in a row – and we strike a win – we double it up twice to be right back on track! The three different gold stars – that does not have to be adjacent – appears often enough for us to grow a big portion of winnings over a short period of time! We find ourselves enjoying the slot machine to the fullest and there are few slots as profitable as Sizzling Hot when it is Hot – therefore the name!


The game play is awesome – the pay fantastic and the Gamble feature makes it one of the best slot machines we have ever played! It has great potential when it comes to a lot of continuous playing – as you some days might strike the bonus multiple times winning a lot of money doing so – and some days not even strike a single one – but still have the possibility to be profitable with the gamble feature!

Even better is the fact that it is not very hard to strike 2-5 matching symbols – and the payouts when it happens are great! We can not emphasise enough on the gamble feature as it truly allows you to be lucky enough to beat the odds of being profitable – and since you’re only going to choose a colour out of two there is a 50% chance to double up! That is better than the rate of the game play itself!

Register at any of the casinos listed above – they will all offer you a welcome bonus increasing the odds of your first visit to the casinos being profitable! You can – of course – choose any slot machine to play on but we strongly advise you spend a couple of spins on Sizzling Hot as it is Sizzling hot! Let’s go buddies!


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