Stickers Slot


The Stickers slot by Net Entertainment is a 5-reeled, 3-rowed video slot with 20 paylines and Sticky Wilds that glues to the wheels whenever they appear! The slot machine has great visuals with a different knack of not providing a bonus but rather focusing on dishing out Mega Wins from Sticky Wilds. The notion of having Sticky Wilds is fairly common among some slot machines and is a great way of acquiring fast and sizeable winnings!

The Visuals

The slot machine has great visuals with great design, perfect symbols that makes the theme of fruits as well as a very catching fruity sound whenever a Sticky Wild is stuck on the screen! The sound when a big win is scored can be compared to the blinking sound of Stars hitting the reels on Starburst, however I argue that the commonness of the Sticky Wilds is greater than that of the Stars on the aforementioned slot machine. No matter if you bet smaller and hope to score just a few Sticky Wilds giving you sizeable wins, or 4-5 ones giving you juicy rewards to reap – you will have a pleasant experience at this slot machine. All you have to do is look out for the Wilds as they appear and hope that another one appears right after – or why not numerous ones at once?

How the game plays out

The main purpose of the Stickers slot machine is to retrieve as many Wilds as possible in a single spin. That means that whenever a Sticky Wild appears on the wheels during a spin – it will stay there during the next spin as well. You can acquire another Sticky Wild on the next spin – and the process repeats itself until there are no additional Sticky Wilds appearing on the next consecutive spin. However it is entirely possible to acquire more than one Sticky Wild within a single spin – sometimes we’ve even hit 4-5 ones simultaneously. This allows you two consecutive spins in a row with the Sticky Wilds on the reels staying there. The great feature shows itself as truly remarkable when you acquire 4-5 Sticky Wilds and then hit another 1-2 Sticky Wilds on the 1-2 spins after that. This is the time when you truly acquire great winnings at Stickers – and it isn’t that hard to achieve! How welcomed!

Sticky Wilds

The Sticky Wilds are different from the ordinary Wilds that you experience on other slot machines. These ones will stick to the wheel at their respective positions and as long as you keep striking a new wild on the spin after the process will continue until no additional Sticky Wilds can be found. This means that if you for example hit 3 Wilds on your first spin – you acquire your winnings – you then hit another one on the spin after, you now have a total of 4 Sticky Wilds to acquire your winnings from. Let us then speculate that you find another two Sticky Wilds on the spin thereafter, you now have a total of 6 Sticky Wilds – the spin after contains no additional Sticky Wilds and you start your next spin on a clean slate. If this process happens only a few times with much fewer wilds in 10-20 spins you will be at huge profit. Sticky Wilds is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Betting strategy

We would advise players to make more sizeable bets since the Sticky Wilds are fairly consistent with their appearance on the reels! You can of course as well make lesser bets since all winnings are relative to the bet size and different amounts mean different things to different people! However if you are looking to mainly score a relatively big win then we advise bigger bets – since just a few Wilds will enable you to take your winnings and run! You might even be able to book a trip or buy that thing that you so wish to buy with just a few Sticky Wilds on the screen with a sizeable bet – it is worth it!

Where can I find the slot machine

You can find this slot machine on many different casinos – the ones that we have listed that currently offers this amazingly profitable slot is All British Casino, All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino, Free Spins Casino and Mr Green. These are the ones listed in our Top 5 NetEnt Mobile Casinos and we advise you to work your way down from top to bottom! If you are a native Brit or Irishman then there is no question as to where you should register – the names says it all!


Stickers is playable on both mobile devices and computers alike on all of the casinos listed to your left on the Top 5 NetEnt Mobile Casinos list. The name of the mobile version has a “Touch” mark by the end of the name – such as all NetEnt Casino slot machines played on the mobile version. The reason for the “Touch” mark is simply because you use a touch device to play it on – navigating through your mobile screen and tapping it to complete actions!

We hope that you will enjoy your adventures at the Stickers Slot Machine and we advise anyone reading this to absolutely try this slot machine out since it is different from most of the slots available to date! Sticky Wilds is the future – let’s embark upon it!

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