Terminator Slot

TerminatorTerminator Slot

The Terminator Slot created by the Bwin/Party Group consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines thematized on the first Terminator movie. The Wilds of the slot machine is made up of the Terminator Symbol.


RTP (Return to player)

The Return to player rate of the Terminator Slot Machine is 93,147%.

The Terminator Theme

The Terminator Slot Machine is thematized on the very famous movie Terminator – containing symbols, features and bonus games directly attained from the movie. If you are fan of movies in general or have a special place in your heart for Terminator – this slot machine will provide you with endless joy!


The Terminator Slot Machine contains three exclusive bonus games triggered in different ways. They are as follows:

Bonus 1

This bonus is activated when the Nitro Bomb symbol lands on reel 1, the Motorbike symbol on reel 3 and the Tanker symbol on reel 5. You will then be awarded with a random number of free spins.

Bonus 2

This bonus feature is activated when you receive 3 or more of the Terminator Head scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You will then be transferred to a new screen where you will play a sequence where the terminator chases Sarah and Reese. You will shoot people on the way and you will receive an award for every target shot. The bonus feature ends with the escape of Sarah and Reese.

Bonus 3

This feature will be activated randomly at the end of any spin – transferring you to a new screen where you will be displayed a futuristic landscape provided by the robots. You will play as Kyle Reese destroing as many robots as possible before the robots notice you – you will be awarded a prize for each destroyed robot.


The slot machine is not the newest of all and therefore the visuals might suffer a bit – however for its time it is one of the best out there! The bonus games has terrific introduction videos and the sequences’ introduction videos are a nice addition to the thrilling gameplay that comes thereafter! The different symbols – with a direct reference to the movie itself – grants you a sense of originality, quality and the creeping sense of apocalypse! You are – however – the hero fighting against Skynet making sure that it does not happen!

Our experience playing the Terminator Slot

As we spin the Terminator themed reels we find ourselves enjoying every single second of it – constantly on the lookout for three scatters, a Nitro Bomb/ Motorbike/ Tanker symbol on reels 1,3 and 5 or for a random bonus event at the end of any spin! This is what makes the slot machine so thrilling – the fact that you at the end of any random spin – at any time – can retrieve the bonus event where you as Kyle Reese destroy robots with a prize for each robot destroyed.

This in addition to its original theme – the greatly built together bonuses of three – and a lot of references back to the original movie makes for many hours of entertainment seldomly getting bored.

Where can I play the Terminator Slot?

The Terminator slot is available at many of the world’s online casinos. However – with that said – the first Terminator slot is more rare than its follow-up the Terminator 2 slot. The latter can be found at Energy Casino amongst many others – the first one however being harder to find. We suggest that you search the web for those rare casinos that offers this slot machine – if you rather wish to play more modern slot machines such as Stickers or WishMaster – please give No Bonus Casino or Free Spins Casino a try!


The Terminator Slot is a rare breed amongst all the newer slot machines of today – however it does offer you great value for your time and you will find yourself mesmerized by the various functions and introductions of the three exclusive bonus games! There are other great features – such as choosing which weapon you wish to proceed your mission with before a bonus game, the great clips before the bonus games mentioned again – and various different ways to strike big wins.

We recommend anyone who likes slots thematized on real movies to play this slot machine – it is a slot machine of a rarer breed – not easily found but very fun indeed!

Search the web today to find a place to enjoy this fine piece of art of a slot machine – heavily themed on one of the biggest franchises in the world! You will not regret a single second spent playing this magnifying slot machine – giving you a mix of different media entertainment channels such as movies and game playing at the same time!

Register today at any of the listed casinos to your left to play other slot machines – including the sequel to the first Terminator Slot; Terminator 2 Slot, as well as a plentitude of other slot machines!

Good luck hitting those combinations!

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