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ultrahotslotUltra Hot Slot

The Ultra Hot Slot created by Novomatic is one of the world’s most famous slot machines played by hundreds of thousands of gamers all over the world. The slot machine is old fashioned with 5 winning lines in total with eight classic symbols such as cherries, grapes, oranges, sevens, lemons, BAR’s, stars and X’s. The betting interval lies between 5,00 credits and 500,00 credits. The game is a very inviting piece of slot machine readily available at a big variety of casinos realizing its draw-in factor!


The visuals of the slot machine are crisp and simple without unnecessary additions! The symbols are easy to spot and you will not after the two first rows of symbols falling down if you are going to score a win or not! The slot machine reminds us of most of the slot machines created with an old school theme – the same but still different!

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature is available after each consecutive win – giving you the opportunity to choose whether the hidden card in the middle will be red or black upon its turn up appearance. This is however not obligatory and you can choose to keep your winnings after each consecutive win as well.

Where can I play the Ultra Hot Slot?

From all of the casinos listed at out website – the following will offer you the possibility to play the Ultra Hot Slot – Quasar Casino, Casino Fantasia and Energy Casino. Register at any of the aforementioned casinos to play the Ultra Hot Slot and to acquire your welcome bonus of 100%!

Why play the Ultra Hot slot?

The reason for playing the Ultra Hot Slot is because of the potential for very big winnings thanks to the Gamble Feature. Since you can choose to double up your winnings after each consecutive win – with a 50% chance of choosing the right colour either Red or Black, you will have greater control over the outcome of your gaming session. This will grant you the possibility to even be profitable at times when you do not strike any remarkable wins due to the slot machine itself – but instead double up all your smaller winnings to give you a profit at the end! Absolutely great!

This is the reason why many of the old themed slots are better than the new ones – more modern slot machines does not provide you with the possibility to double up your winnings after each consecutive win!

How the game plays out

You simply hit the spin button – after you have chosen the amount you wish to bet per line – and when a win is struck you can choose to hit the then blinking “Gamble” button to choose either Red or Black for the mystery card in the middle! If you choose the right colour you double up – the wrong colour and you lose! It is possible to continue betting and choosing a colour an infinite amount of times – that means that each consecutive win can grant you a double up numerous times in a row! This is what makes the slot machine profitable in the long run!

The goal is to simply hit big wins where you keep them for profitability’s sake – or when things are going a bit slower – choose to double up a couple of times whenever you strike a win!

Thanks to the outlining and programming of the slot machine each win with a couple or three of matching symbols will grant you a pretty juicy win indeed! The older themed slot machines differs from the more modern ones where any winning combination has a lower chance of hitting – but will grant you more when it actually does hit. We are thankful!

Our experience playing the Ultra Hot Slot

As we hit the spin button to see the symbols fall in place we find ourselves very eager to see a win getting struck – not because of the win and the profit itself – but rather because we wish to double it up through the Gamble Feature. We realize that the funds we might acquire from doubling up numerous times in a row might grant us a very big win indeed – giving us either a profit if we choose to cash out – or – simply have more funds giving us time to strike a big win!


The Ultra Hot Slot is a very fine piece of art when it comes to slot machines – yes, we are a bit biased because of our love for old themed slot machines but the fact remains that the Ultra Hot Slot might be very profitable in the long run. This – thanks to the extra ordinary Gamble feature – that allows more excitement, thrilling spins and the chance to be profitable when you should not! Fantastic!

We argue that anyone should try this slot machine out – register at any of the above listed casinos that offers the slot and you will receive 100% on your first deposit. The maximum amount of acquirable bonuses between the casinos differ but the maximum is at Quasar Casino – offering you 100% up to 200€ as their welcome bonus. Let’s go!

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